Latinx Sex Therapy (Center for Relationship & Intimacy Well-Being) intentionally has a specialized focus in order to offer the highest quality of clinical services by providing team members with specialized monthly training, focused case consultation, and supervision, and staying up to date with the most effective treatment and innovative approaches of relationship, sex, and intimacy therapy.

Our specialties include relationship counseling and sexual health based on the needs seen in the community we serve. Our services and offerings are holistic and integrative. Our intention is to hold a sacred space for our clients to explore, heal, and integrate body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Seeing the need for sex-positive and integrative services, we also serve the greater community by offering training to professionals in the healing arts.

Our ultimate goal is that individuals and partnerships of varying stages of life, love, and connection as well as erotic expressions and identity receive knowledgeable and respectful assistance and guidance on their journey to extraordinary love, sexual freedom, erotic expression, and life vitality.

Latinx Sex Therapy (El Centro de Bienestar para la Relación e Intimidad) es especializado para ofrecer la más alta calidad de servicios.  Nuestros terapeutas reciben capacitación y supervisión especializada para mantenerse al día con los enfoques de tratamiento más efectivos e innovadores para una terapia de relación, sexo e intimidad.

Nuestras especialidades incluyen el asesoramiento sobre relaciones y la salud sexual. Nuestros servicios son holísticos e integradores. Nuestra intención es mantener un espacio sagrado para que nuestros clientes exploren, sanen e integren cuerpo, corazón, mente y espíritu.

Nuestro objetivo es proveer ayuda a las personas y las parejas sin importar la etapa de la vida, identidad sexual o expresion erotics.  Nosotros creemos que todas personas merecen recibir asistencia y orientación respetuosas.

Monica Cortes Adila

Licensed Social Worker LCSW76467 

Sex Therapy Certificate Candidate

Hello, my name is Monica Cortes Ardilla and I am a bilingual therapist. I serve clients who are
searching for holistic healing within themselves or with their loved ones. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that provided mental health services specialized around sex therapy and relationships.

Culture shapes the way we live our day to day lives which influences how we behave, our
belief systems, expectations of ourselves, expectations of others, how we view relationships, how we view sexuality, what we value, and what we believe is acceptable, and what we believe is not.  Although there is individual variability for each person based on acculturation and assimilation, belief systems are passed on intergenerationally and at times beyond our conscious awareness.

As a female Latina therapist, I believe representation in the Latinx community matters. Mental health issues have been a taboo issue in our culture for many years. In the past and in the present people could consider you “loco/loca” if you received therapy which has left a lot of Latinx individuals without proper treatment to help them. Having a Latinx therapist can bridge the gap between cultural belief systems surrounding mental health and providing culturally sensitive information and treatment that promotes healing.

Having a therapist from your own culture can have benefited from switching languages to having an innate understanding that honors your lifestyle, experience,
traditions, values, and norms.

I’m a first-generation Mexican immigrant that came to live in California when I was 4 years old. I grew up with traditional Mexican parents and found myself having to navigate two cultures. These cultures at times were in conflict, however, I was able to embrace them and I hold them both close to my heart. I belong to a Latinx Psychotherapist community that supports and advocates for the mental health of the Latinx community.

Hola, soy Monica Cortes Ardilla y parte de mis servicios son terapia en Espanol, en tu cultura. Mi intencion es poder ayudar a mis clients sanar de una manera holistica.

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Alexus Martinez

Associate Marriage Family Therapist 108354

Sex Therapy Certificate Candidate

Hello Renegades! 

I strive to create a safe and affirming space for clients to engage and connect with their whole self. 

I am passionate about working with individuals, partners, young adults, and the LGBTQIA+ community struggling with libido, erectile issues, self-esteem, trauma, spirituality, desire discrepancy, infidelity, intimacy, gender identity, and sexual orientation. 

My ideal clients are ready to fully show up and claim their pleasure. 

Social justice and anti-oppression work are common themes throughout my education, training, therapeutic lens, and engagement in daily life. I believe we are all renegades, worthy of living a life of liberated love. 

Our binary world [which the Latino culture is heavy on] makes it challenging to feel accepted, leaving us fragmented and hindering our ability to connect with ourselves and others. I’m here as a guide to inspire real change and make sexual healing fun, playful, and productive. 

I use a holistic and integrative approach, incorporating interventions from narrative therapy, mindfulness, and somatic experiencing. 

As a White non-Spanish speaking Mexican woman, I understand there is not only one way to be LatinX but a multitude of beautiful valid experiences. Through understanding my connection with my heritage and ancestors, I aim to put the human back in therapy and work collaboratively with clients, building on their strengths to facilitate a mind, body, spirit connection, and foster feelings of radical self-acceptance.

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Vanesa Akbarpour

Associate Marriage Family Therapist 110378

Sex Therapy Certificate Candidate

Hi there! I’m Vanesa Akbarpour, a bilingual Sex and Intimacy Therapist who works from a holistic, trauma-informed lens. As a Mexican-Iranian American woman, I have a felt understanding of the complicated intersectionality of culture and how it affects all aspects of our lives. 

In a culture where there are already so many prejudices we need to navigate as people of Latin-American descent, it can be challenging to talk about the ways we might also feel stigmatized by our own cultural groups. While there might be so much to celebrate about our cultural roots, the embeddedness of binary understandings of gender (reflected so clearly in the language) has been historically harmful, and even traumatic, to Latinx folks who are beyond such rigid gender constructs. 

Stemming from my radical approach to freedom, I avoid any one size fits all, limiting approaches to mental health, sexuality, and gender. Instead, I utilize my knowledge of psychology, sexuality, and physiology to act as a guide, shedding light on what has been hidden, and providing the necessary safe space and tools to heal those stagnant patterns formed by trauma and pain that get in the way of living in authentic alignment. Together, we work on understanding what feels genuinely pleasurable, and we slowly unravel the binds, the “shoulds,” and fears that have prevented my clients from experiencing their innate vibrancy and freedom. In other words, I aim to give my clients the tools to make their own choices about the way they want to experience themselves and the clarity needed to see the pathway that will get them there!


¡Hola! Soy Vanesa Akbarpour, una terapeuta sexual e íntima bilingüe que trabaja desde una perspectiva holística e informada sobre el trauma. Como mujer estadounidense de origen Mexicano-Iraní, tengo una comprensión sentida de la complicada interseccionalidad de la cultura y cómo afecta todos los aspectos de nuestras vidas.

Aunque haya mucho que celebrar sobre nuestras raíces culturales, el arraigo de la comprensión binaria del género (reflejado tan claramente en el lenguaje) ha sido históricamente dañino, e incluso traumático, para la gente Latinx que están más allá de esas rígidas construcciones de género.

Partiendo de mi enfoque radical de la libertad, evitó cualquier talla única, limitando los enfoques a la salud mental, la sexualidad y el género. En cambio, utilizo mis conocimientos de psicología, sexualidad y fisiología para actuar como una guía, arrojar luz sobre lo que se ha ocultado y proporcionar el espacio seguro y las herramientas necesarias para sanar esos patrones estancados formados por el trauma y el dolor que se interponen en el camino de vivir en auténticamente. En otras palabras, mi objetivo es brindarles a mis clientes las herramientas para que tomen sus propias decisiones sobre la forma en que quieren experimentarse a sí mismos y la claridad necesaria para ver el camino que los llevará allí.

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Intake Coordinator

Coordinadora de admisión

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Alma Mora

Client Care Coordinator

Coordinadora del atención al cliente

Hi everyone, I’m Alma.

I am very happy to be of service to this community. I value our traditions and  honor them as best I can.  My intention is always to respect and celebrate where I came from while also respecting and celebrating myself as an individual.

I half of my childhood in Mexico, the other half in the U.S. I love both cultures and fully enjoy the benefits of growing up in two different vibrant and fun cultures. 

I’ve learned so much about how we can grow and learn to let go of chains of the past and look forward to what life has to offer. 

As a Client Care Coordinator, I’m here to listen and help you find the door to your new path in healing, loving, and fully accepting yourself.

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Jacqueline N. Mendez

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

MFC 43228     

Certified Sex Therapist / Supervisor

Founder, Clinical Director

My first core belief is that  everything that arrives in life – all of it – good and bad, delicious, and stinky, is in service to our growth.  The other is that everyone is born with the God-given right to experience pleasure and to feel good in one’s own skin.

I guide my clients through body movement, heart-centered techniques, psychology, and spirituality to align body-heart-mind-spirit.

My goal is to help clients tap into and integrate sensuality and sexuality as pathways into their deepest wisdom, embody aliveness, experience more freedom, and feel more powerfully effective in every aspect of their lives.

My sweet spot is the intersection of sexuality, sensuality, and spirituality.  I delight in supporting clients in breaking free from old stories, opening up to their innate gifts, and stepping more fully into their full potential.  

I provide a variety of offerings: individuals, groups, and couples.  In addition, I also facilitate workshops and VIP days.

One of my greatest passion is bringing more freedom, acceptance, and empowerment through education and inquiry so that others can create extraordinary lives, deeper intimacy, and experience greater sexual freedom and expression. 

My greatest joy is being of service to the Latinx and Spanish-speaking community.  My goal is to help breakdown taboos, misinformation, and transforming rigid male-female sexuality stereotypes. 

I am a regular segment contributor to Telemundo and Univision among other media outlets.

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